You were made for more.

Husband. Father. Entrepreneur.


Husband | Father | Entrepreneur

I was not your average baby – weighing 2lbs 4oz. I grew up in a not-your-average sized family of nine. I was born early (3.5 months) and tend to arrive late. Doctors said I would never see, hear, or walk and live a normal life.


They were right: My life has been far from normal.


My passion is to see men walk in their destiny, free from addiction, sexual confusion and captivity, and alive in Christ!



If we never happen to meet, there is one thing I wish you to know.


There is more.


Nomatter where you find yourself today, there is a hopeful truth that there is more! There is more life to live, more things to discover, more friends to make, more places to go, more freedom to have, and more dreams to be chased! There is deeper love, steeper mountains, richer joy, new horizons, and more to life than simply being defined by your past experiences and identity.


I urge you to pursue the more!

Call to me, says the Lord. I will answer you and show you great and unsearchable things you DO NOT YET KNOW.